Why Cloudberries?

Cloudberries are at the heart of our gin. Plentiful in Ireland up to the 1800’s, they are a rare pleasure across the Island these days. To revive this delicious, ancient flavour our cloudberries are hand-picked in the mountains across Scandinavia, where they flourish in the wild.

The locals who harvest our cloudberries know they are ready by touch, taste, by colour, by the breeze on the air, it’s like a sixth sense, an inkling, that’s Sixling. Combined with perfectly ripe elderflowers from the nearby Cooley Mountains, it’s all about knowing when the time is right. At distillation time, we blend and taste, go with our gut, refine and refine until that alchemy moment when the ingredients finally reach perfect harmony. It’s nature, it’s science, it’s human instinct. It’s patience and passion in a beautifully balanced gin.

Our bottle

With its unique design, the bottle for Sixling Gin really stands out amongst the crowd. The double sided back label captures a sunset effect through the bottle that’s printed on a pearl and glossy material and is distinct in its own right. The name is then embossed on the bottle to harmonise both the Cooley elderflower and cloudberries. The Sixling bottle creates unrivalled visual efects under artifical lighting and looks incredible in anyone’s drinks cabinet.


Select Botanicals Used


World Gin Awards


Best Irish Contemporary Gin at World Gin Awards

Gold Award


Best Irish Distilled Gin at Irish Gin Awards

GOLD 2019


Gold Medal Winner at Global Gin Masters


Runner Up Best Newcomer at Irish Gin Awards

Sixling Gin Recipes

Sixling Citrus Sip

Grab a glass you love, add a wedge of pink grapefruit and fill the glass with ice. Then take the Sixling bottle and hug it before pouring your delicious Sixling Citus Sip! Mix your ingredients, admire your handy work then sit back, relax and enjoy a fresh, fruity cocktail!

- 45ml Sixling GIn

- 30ml Pink grapefruit juice

- 15ml Lemon Juice

- 15ml Ginger Syrup and Top up with Ginger Ale


Our Range


Sixling Gin

Cloudberry Infused
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